August 26, 2013

The Sweet Evolution of an Embattled Soul

I love myself! Because I love myself, I can say I love you! You, being everyone else. Just as you are. Years ago (maybe even up to a few months ago), I couldn't have said that. I was broken. I suffered many years with depression. I was angry. I was miserable. I was unhappy. I was dead. And it was very visible. Even still, there were people who smiled, gave a hug, or said a kind word. Somewhere deep inside, it touched my spirit. I'm not telling you this to receive sympathy. As my nephew pointed out, sympathy has the word path in it. It was the path I had to take to come to know my true self.

When I turned 40, I was excited. I felt like I had reached an endpoint. Several stages of my life had come to fruition. I felt peace about certain things or different areas of my life. Though I thought I had "arrived," it was only the beginning of a transformation into new beginnings. I was able to look back over my life and see things I had been through or had overcome, realizing I had to go through those things to bring me full circle. In other words, I had grown. But my growth was all about me.

That's not a bad thing. Growth was good and necessary. However, growth is only a means to an end. Or should I say an end to a beginning? When something grows, it will eventually reach a maturity point. Evolution is the progressive change over successive generations; undergoing change over time into a more complex or better form. It's the process that never ends, a constant state of change that has no end of life.

I realize that I'm no longer just growing, I'm evolving. Yes, certain areas of my life will reach their maturity point but my spirit will continually develop in this earthly shell. Something is shifting in the atmosphere. I've learned it's not for me to dwell on my past or to become too focused on the future that I can't enjoy today. I am learning to experience life in the moment. I am seeing things differently, enjoying a different perspective. More importantly, I am love. I was made to love. I was created in God's image. Everything He is, I am.  I have to say I am so excited and loving this transformation, it's hard to express in words. But I hope you get the point. I hope that by through this message, I can touch someone else's spirit.

Lately, God has taken me to new heights as I understand what it means to know God is Love. Throughout this process I can feel my spirit changing. I'm enthusiastic about life! I care about other people.. I'm learning to be less critical and judgmental, about myself and others. I want to see people succeed - not in terms of money - but having a joyful life. I want to be a part of changing people's hearts and raising up our younger generations to have a servant's heart, to have compassion for others. When we're gone, our souls will live on. After all, our souls are immortal. In what ways are we touching others? In what ways are we being and showing love? What legacies will we leave to the world?

I've come to learn that my life is not about me. It's about the connections I make with other souls. In a sense, we're just a bunch of souls - spirit beings having a human experience on this earth. When I leave this life, I want my scent to linger like the smell of sweet perfume that rubs off on each person who comes into contact with it and so on. My new motto....each one, touch one.

July 19, 2013

You Have Purpose, Even When You Don't Know It

What is your purpose while here on earth? If you don't know the answer, you are not alone. I have conversations such as this with someone just about daily. It's because at one time I did not know what my purpose was and I was destructive, not only to myself, but, both directly and indirectly, to others. When we aren't living on purpose and living our purpose, we fall prey to the schemes of the enemy because we can then be used for his glory rather than for the glory of our Creator.

I have mentioned many times before that God created us in His image, so I believe everything He is, we are. God is a spirit, we are spirits. God is great, we are great! God is good, we are inherently good. You get the idea.

When I think about being created in God's image, I believe He has given us every tool we need to make it in this world. When we continually read the word of God, we gain not only knowledge, but wisdom and understanding about what He's speaking to us. Therefore, the answers already lie within us through the word. We don't have to look outside of ourselves, in things and other people, for what is already within us.

So, how does that help you in discovering your purpose?

Dr. Myles Munroe defines purpose as the "original intent for which a thing is created". When you think about your purpose, have you ever thought that answer already lies within you? I'll give you a hint: The bible has already revealed our purpose. It tells us we are the salt and light of the earth. Whatever we are doing, it is to be done within the capacity of being salt and light, glorifying God. Everyone is not meant to be grand, a celebrity, popular, or whatever. But we are all here to make an impact (give light to everyone in the house so others can see and glorify God, Matt 5:15-16).

To take it a step further, I believe discovering your purpose can begin with your passion. God has given to each person gifts. You know what they are. You know what you like, what you like to do, and in which things you excel. Once you discover these things, it's up to you to develop your gifts. I believe as you do that, you will begin to walk in your purpose.

So stop wasting time. God is not some big man in the sky waiting to wave a magic wand over you at every request. He has already given you everything you need to evolve in this life. And He wants to see you come full circle. Read the word, learn who you are, and discover your purpose!

June 30, 2013

Don't want to be important...just BE, important!

Abraham Maslow estimated only 2% of all people would achieve self-actualization, or in layman's terms, reach their full potential.

My guess is  98% of people are selfish, self-righteous, self-contained, self-promoting, self-sustained - you get the idea. We have become absorbed with self. We are materialistic, greedy, and competitive. I see it every day. People posting 100s of pictures of themselves, their houses and cars, all day on Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, etc., all the while giving God the glory. I am not saying God isn’t in the blessing business because He is. But is it really for God or is it you attempting to be important? Quite frankly, it’s disturbing how many people are seeking validation from the outside world. I know, because I've been there. Gabrielle Union said it perfectly when she recently said, “We live in a world that rewards pretending.”

Genesis 1:26 tells us that God made mankind in His own image and likeness. We are a reflection of God. Everything He is, we already are. We don’t have to try so hard to want to be important. We can just BE, and if that includes important, glory to God. We don’t have to play ourselves up to be big in the limelight. We already are light. If we could see that, we could take the focus off of ourselves.

Maslow says we become actualized when we reach a high level of self-fulfillment based on certain needs which are met. We meet those needs according to our motivations. In the 1970s, an eight level was adapted to his hierarchy - helping others to achieve self-actualization. We become fulfilled when we look outside of ourselves as a service to humanity. The bible tells us that Jesus came to serve, not be served (Matt 20:28). By taking the focus off of ourselves, we have no choice but to focus on others – helping, encouraging, uplifting, and truly being happy for one another. As I look around me at the world and inside myself to search my own soul, I leave you with this question – What is really motivating us?

June 13, 2013

November 03, 2012

In the Meantime

With the election coming up in three days I've been seeing a lot of negative posts and comments about both candidates on Facebook. It is naive realism at its best. It is also very disheartening because many of the posts are from people who proclaim to be Christians. Not that Christians can't have an opinion but when it resorts to name calling or self-righteousness, it's not a good look to the "outside" world.

I realize people come from different walks of life and are walking towards their end. Yes, some people have easier access to "success." However, the concepts and principles apply to everyone the same. I say that to say this...

Our hope is not in man. It is in God, the Creator, the One who created us in His image (in greatness), the One who loves us unconditionally, and has already given us the power to be and do anything. Remember, God is a spirit. His spirit is already in us; therefore, we already have every ability to be and do.

We should not be looking to either of these candidates to do what is already inside of us. When it comes to the economy people are upset about what they think Governor Romney won't do for them; dismissive about what President Obama has not done for them. You cannot wait around for someone to give you a job. Listen, as I say it again, the power to be is already in YOU! But it may and will require you to step outside of your comfort zone.

What are you doing in the meantime? My pastor, Lloyd Bustard, did a sermon once titled In the Meantime. He said in the meantime while you're waiting on God you work. Again, what are YOU doing in the meantime? Are you updating your knowledge, skills, and abilities? Are you continuing or furthering your education? Is your resume up to par? Are you perfecting your interviewing techniques/skills? Are you willing to relocate? There is much you can do. One more time, what are you doing in the meantime to make life better for you?

Think about it. Write out your goals and vision. Write out a plan. Put it into action. YOU CAN DO IT!
And VOTE!! Because the policies of whomever is in office will ultimately effect you in some way.

October 22, 2012

A Revelation

So I haven't been committed to keeping up with my blog. I admit, I've neglected you. You - as in you, the people, and you, the blog. I had a revelation yesterday when I was asked about my blog. My response was that blogging can be time consuming. It's not the writing that is time consuming but finding the time to actually write out the many thoughts that continually go through my head. Yes, even in the midst, my mind seems to be on continuous run most days. That's another post. But being a full time mom, working a full time job, and being a full time student can be hectic.

I believe selflessness is one of the greatest achievements. So the revelation was that the blog is not about me. It was created to encourage and motivate YOU to push through to your dreams and the purpose for which God created you. So I'm going to make an effort to do better with keeping you lifted. Someone is in need every day. I never know who I may be reaching. And I'm not really concerned about that because I don't need to take the credit. My purpose is to put it out there. How you perceive, receive and respond to it is between you and God.

Today's encouragement is this...

This is the day the Lord has made. If you woke up this morning, you have a reason to rejoice. Don't compare yourself to the next person. You don't know where they've been or where they're going. God has an individualized purpose and a plan for YOU. His word says those that seek will find (Matt 7:8). Whatever adversities your day may bring, keep moving and keep praising. Go get YOUR blessing!

September 07, 2012

Charlotte hosted the Democratic National Convention from September 3-6, 2012. It was a win-win for this great city. Check out my article published on Yahoo about this great city.